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  • Immunity has a vital role in fighting any disease. It is true with Corona as well.

  • The immune systems is designed to fight off sicknesses and viruses. But unfortunately, the immune system can get affected by many things. This prevents our bodies and mind from effectively fighting sickness.

  • Your physical fitness levels alone donít define your immunity, though it does play a major role in building it up.

  • It is our responsibility to create a better and healthier world around us.

Following are the different ways to increase immunity of Body and Mind to fight sicknesses and viruses.


Sr Title HTM MP4 MP3
01  Immunity for Body      
  001. Immunity Booster Good Habits for Body



  002. Immunity Booster Medicines for Body



  003. Immunity Booster Exercises for Body



  004. Immunity Booster Food for Body    
  005. Immunity Booster Sleep for Body    
02 Immunity for Mind      
  011. Immunity Booster Tips for Mind, Thought and Emotions for Mind    
  012. Immunity Booster Affirmations, Swaman and Motivation for Mind    
  013. Immunity Booster Perspective for Mind    
  014. Immunity Booster Breathing Exercises for Mind    
  015. Immunity Booster Relaxation Exercises for Mind    
  016. Immunity Booster Sleeping Music for Mind    
  017. Immunity Booster Meditation for Mind    
  018. Immunity Booster Commentaries for Mind    





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