Home Precautions while going outside and meeting peoples Contact us


1. Go outside only for emergency work.

2. Do not go in crowed place.

3. Wear high quality Mask of 6 or more layers covering Nose and mouth fully.

4. Keep minimum 1 to 2 meters distance (3 to 6 feet distance from any person).

5. Keep hand sanitizer with you and use many times on hand when you touch any handle
    of Car or any thing you touch.

6. Returning home from outside, put off all cloths, take bath and take steam inhale for 5 to 10

7. When bring any grocery or any other commodity use saintlier spray on it. Use Spray
    havening more than 70% Alcohol only.

8. Do not handshake with in person in any meeting or for anything. Just say Namste with two

9. Keep away from any sneezing or coughing person.

10. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth by hands when you are outside.

11. Coming back to home, keep your Shoes outside of your home.

12. Disinfect your Mobile, Bag and other personal items.




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